Made in Canada Jeans

Jeans. Could there be a more ubiquitous clothing item? No matter where you find yourself around the globe, jeans are the most worn type of pants. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that quality seems to have no relation to the price you pay for jeans – the pair that you buy at a discount retailer for $20 will wear out pretty much at the same rate as expensive designer jeans for $200. Canadian manufacturer Naked and Famous Denim has taken a different approach. Founded by Montrealer Brandon Svarc, the brand’s philosophy is to create unique products where quality and creativity come first. These jeans are the embodiment of craftsmanship and the antithesis of mass production products.

I personally own two pairs of Naked and Famous jeans, each have outlasted any other pair of jeans that I’ve worn in the past. One “weird guy” cut which provides a tighter cut, and one “easy guy” cut for a more relaxed fit.

Naked and Famous Jeans
Naked and Famous Jeans

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